How to Make a Beaded Lamp Shade

A fun Bohemian beaded shade
A fun Bohemian beaded shade (Image: Cathie Filian)

Do you love bold colors, beads and your very own style? Then you will enjoy making a beaded lampshade with a Bohemian look. And guess what? It's more fun, more creative, and less tedious than making the traditional beaded shade on a network of wires. Choose your favorite colors, beads and charms, and let them dangle and catch the light. Scatter chain lengths with charms among the beaded strands. Create a one of a kind multicolored lampshade with a whimsical spirit.

Things You'll Need

  • Lampshade holder ring with drilled holes
  • Monofilament
  • Gold tone chain, medium gauge
  • Candlestick-style tall lamp
  • Bulb clip
  • Masking tape
  • Round-nosed jewelry pliers
  • Jump rings (4mm or 6mm)
  • Charms
  • Colorful assortment of beads in different sizes
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape

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Place the lampshade ring holder on the lamp, and measure how far down you want the strands to hang. On a lamp that is approximately 24 inches high, the strands should be 8 or 9-inches long.

Cut the monofilament line four inches longer than the bead strand length. If you want the shade (or strands) to be 8-inches long, then you'll want the monofilament lengths to be cut to 12-inches so you'll have enough line to knot and tie the strands. Count the holes in the lampshade ring, and make enough monofilament lengths for more than half of them.

Thread a large bead or charm on the monofilament line. Make a knot at the bottom. Keep on stringing beads on the line until you have an 8-inch strand. Wrap a little bit of masking tape on the end to keep the beads in place while you make more beaded strands.

Open a link in the jewelry chain with the round nosed pliers. Make the chain lengths 9-inches long for a lamp like the one in the picture. Make as many chain lengths as you like, depending on whether you want to alternate them with beaded strands, or use a chain length for every three or so beaded strands.

Attach a charm to a chain length by opening a jump ring with the round nosed pliers, threading the charm onto the jump ring, then closing the ring with the pliers.

Keep stringing beads on the strands as in Step 3, making them with different patterns and colors of beads. For example, make a strand with alternating round blue beads and golden prism shaped beads, then make a strand with identical sizes of small red and yellow beads. Make a few of each pattern of beaded strand.

Keep attaching charms to lengths of chain as in Step 5 until you have as many as you want.

Tie the bead strands to the lampshade ring one-by-one. Skip over drilled prism holes where you want the chain lengths to hang. Thread the top of the monofilament line through the drilled prism hole in the lampshade ring, and tie it in a double knot to make the strand secure.Trim off any excess monofilament line.

Open a jump ring with the round nosed pliers and thread a chain length on the jump ring. Then you can attach the chain lengths to the lampshade ring by inserting the jump rings through the drilled holes in the ring.Then close the rings with the pliers.

Put a bulb in the lamp, and use the bulb clip to attach your new beaded lampshade to the lamp. Now turn on the lamp and watch your dangling beads and charms sparkle in the light.

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