How to Use a Salton Rice Cooker

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A Salton rice cooker is a kitchen appliance that simplifies the process of making rice. After adding the rice and water to the appliance, you turn it on and let the cooker do the rest, including turning off when the rice is finished, or automatically switching to a warming mode to hold the rice until you are ready to serve.


Step 1

The rice cooker comes in various sizes and features. It is important to note the size of your particular model. When cooked, rice will expand to about three times its original volume. When making rice, do not overfill.

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Step 2

The rice cooker will have a lid, a removable rice pan, a cord and a button or lever to turn the cooker on, as well as lights to indicate when the rice is cooking, and if it is warming. Salton rice cookers without a warming feature will not have a warming light indicator.


Step 3

Remove the rice pan after you open the lid. Measure dry rice and water into the rice pan. Read the cooking instructions on the package of rice to determine how much water to add. Short grain white rice will require about one part rice to one part water, while brown rice might require two parts rice to two and a half parts water.


Step 4

Return the rice pan to the cooker and replace the lid. Plug the rice cooker into an electrical outlet.

Step 5

Turn the rice cooker on by pressing down the on lever. A light will turn on to indicate the cooker has started. When the rice is finished cooking, the light will turn off. If the cooker has a warming feature, the warming light will turn on when the rice finishes cooking.


To remove some of the starch, wash the uncooked rice in the pan with clear water, drain, and then add the rice for cooking. For fluffier rice, let the rice sit in the water for about 10 minutes before turning the cooker on.


Do not use a metal spoon to remove rice. Use a wooden or plastic rice paddle.



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