How to Make Hourglass Curtains

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Things You'll Need

  • Lace panels or material

  • Tape measure

  • Scissors

  • Straight needles

  • Thread

  • Needle

  • 2 café curtain rods

  • 4-inch-wide ribbon

Hourglass Curtains

The back door in your kitchen has a glass window. You would like to hang matching lace curtain panels on the door and on the kitchen windows and tie them so they look like an hourglass. If you have a length of lace material--or several larger lace curtain panels--you can make curtains to fit the windows and door. Although a sewing machine will allow you to make them faster, these curtains can be easily made with needle and thread.


Step 1

Measure the height of the window--or glass panel in the door--where the curtains will be hung. Begin measuring from the top of the window and go to the bottom; add 6 inches to that length. Measure the width of the window; double that length.

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Step 2

Measure the lace panels according to the measurements just taken. Mark this measurement, using straight pins or a pencil. Cut the lace panels across these lines.

Step 3

Measure 1 inch on either side of the panels; fold the material at that point and iron it. Measure 2 inches on the top and bottom of the panels; fold the material at that point and iron. Fold under an additional quarter inch on all the edges and pin; this finishes the edge. Iron the folded edges.


Step 4

Sew all four sides, using needle and thread, on the folded quarter edge, using small running stitches. Include a back stitch approximately every inch to lock the stitch.

Step 5

Install the hardware for the café curtain rods on the top and bottom of the windows and door. Thread the curtain rods through the top and bottom hems. Hang the curtain rods and adjust the curtains evenly across the rod.


Step 6

Gather the curtain loosely in the center and measure the center gather. Add 6 inches to that measurement. Measure and cut the 4-inch-wide ribbon, using that measurement. Wrap the ribbon around the center of the curtains and tie the ribbon, creating the hourglass.


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