How to Attatch Tulle Swags on Tables

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Things You'll Need

  • Tulle

  • Tape

  • Straight pins

  • Safety pins

  • Picnic table clips

  • Satin ribbon

  • Lace ribbon

  • Fresh flowers

  • Hot glue gun

  • Glue sticks

Weddings often feature tulle swags on pews, tables, chairs and walls. With its gauzy, lace-like appearance, tulle is a lovely addition to any special day. In addition to weddings, tulle decorations can be used for baby showers, anniversary parties or any unique occasion. Tulle swags are simply gatherings of tulle, draped in between bows and ties. You can quite easily attach tulle swags to tables for any special event.


Step 1

Tape the tablecloth to the table. Since the tulle swags will add extra weight to the cloth, it must be secured. If you don't secure it, the swags may pull on the tablecloth, leading to an uneven appearance. Use double-sided tape to secure the cloth to the top of the table.

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Step 2

Pin the tulle swag directly to the table cloth. Since tulle is such a delicate fabric, opt for straight pins. They will be less noticeable than safety pins. Since they are discreet, you can put the pins through the top of the tablecloth.

Step 3

Use safety pins underneath the tablecloth. Since the bulk of the pin will be underneath the table cloth, you don't have to worry about noticeable safety pins. The only portion that could possibly be seen is the straight pin portion that goes through the tulle swags.

Step 4

Attach the tulle swags to the tablecloth with metal, picnic table clips. These strong clasps offer more security than straight or safety pins. Since they are significantly bulkier than alternatives means, decorate them beforehand. Wrap the clips in white ribbon, preferably with satin or lace accents. Use hot glue to secure the ribbon in place.


Step 5

Cover any exposed clips or pins with flowers. Simply insert fresh flowers with short stems into the tulle swags, thereby disguising the hardware.


Incorporate fresh flowers into your tulle swags for a natural, beautiful look.


Take care while attaching the tulle to the table. Tulle is a delicate fabric and can be easily ripped.


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