How to Gift Wrap With Tissue Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Tissue paper

  • Clear tape

  • Scissors

  • Ribbon

Want a softer, more classic look for your gift wrapping during the holiday season? Want to buy a wrapping paper that can be used year-round and double as a craft supply? Wrapping with tissue paper is a great way to have beauty and economy at the same time, but the process can present a few challenges. Here are tips on how to wrap gifts with tissue paper and create an attractive package while avoiding the pitfalls.


Step 1

Determine what kinds of gifts tissue paper would make a good wrapping for. Bear in mind that if you are wrapping extremely large gifts, it will be difficult to find tissue paper in large enough sheets. Also, if gifts are going to be handled a lot after being wrapped, be handled by children or be packed up for travel, tissue paper may not be the best wrap, as it is more delicate than standard wrapping paper.


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Step 2

Select a size and color of tissue paper. Tissue paper is sold in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, so be sure to check the information on the packaging. Also, make sure to buy enough to double-wrap, as tissue paper is often semitransparent and you don't want your gift to be identified prematurely.


Step 3

Wrap a rectangular gift (or boxed gift) as you would wrap it with traditional paper. Fold a rectangle of paper over the top of the box, taping it underneath in a tight tube. Fold the edges over the right and left sides of the box, folding the edges into triangular shapes, then taping them into place.


Because tissue paper tends to look a little plain on its own, decorate the wrapped box with a stick-on bow or, better yet, traditional ribbon.

Step 4

Use a "candy wrapper" style of wrapping for oddly-shaped gifts or for cloth gifts. Wrap the tissue paper around the object in a cylindrical fashion, then gather and tie the ends with string (like a Tootsie roll or star peppermint). Give the loose ribbon ends curl by firmly holding the ribbon flat against the edge of a knife and dragging the knife along the ribbon.


Step 5

Use tissue paper as filler for gift bag wrapping. Gift bags are a great convenience, but they can take some of the fun out of the process of unwrapping. Wrapping a gift loosely in tissue paper (leaving the ungathered ends pointing to the top of the bag) is a fun way to put the mystery back in your gift and make it a little more difficult to uncover. To be particularly festive, use a color combination, such as red and green or blue and white, to reflect the holidays.


If your tissue paper gets wrinkled in storage, flatten it with a dry iron on a low setting.


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