How to Gift Wrap Cash Money as a Present

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People may shy away from giving cash as a gift because it takes some of the anticipation and excitement away from opening an actual wrapped present. But as anyone who has ever bought a gift for a teenager will tell you, giving cash is sometimes the best option. Fortunately, there are many fun, creative and unique ways to wrap and give cash as a present. Here are just a few.


Step 1

Put the cash inside a balloon then blow it up. Put a few bills in each balloon, give them the balloon bouquet and a safety pen and say, "have fun." They will have blast popping each one to see what falls out!

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Step 2

Fold the bills into origami. Make fun shapes, animals, designs, figures, holiday themes, etc. Search the internet for dollar bill origami and find folding patterns that are designed specifically for the size of a dollar bill.


Step 3

Put the money inside clear ornament bulbs. It would be fun to write the recipient's names on the ornaments, decorate the tree with them and let each person search for their ornament on the tree.

Step 4

Put the money in a book that is also a gift. It could be fun to give the cash gift as a bunch of single dollar bills and put each bill in its own page.


Step 5

For young boy: Get a small piece of PVC pipe with threaded ends from the hardware store. Roll up the cash, put it in the pipe and screw on caps on each end. This will look like a backpacker's wilderness survival kit. If you want, write Christmas (or birthday) Survival Kit on the side. The cash will make sure they "survive" the occasion.


Step 6

Roll up the cash and put it inside the battery compartment of a cheap flashlight. When they open the flashlight ask them to turn it on. When it doesn't work, tell them to check the battery - and wait for the surprised look.

Step 7

For young boy: Put the money inside a small box or balloon and cover with plaster of Paris. The boy will give you a funny look at the peculiar present. Then give them a hammer and watch them have a blast breaking open the plaster shell to see what's inside!


Step 8

Buy them a wallet that is pre-filled with cash.

Step 9

Clean out a soft drink (Coke, Pepsi) or water bottle and stuff it full of cash. Wrap it as any other present and watch their expression as they think you gift wrapped and gave them a Coke - until they unwrap it, of course.


Step 10

Use a regular box, like a shoebox, and tape all the bills end to end to make a string of bills (could also paper clip them to a string or ribbon). Tape one end of the string to the inside lid of the box. As they lift the box lid they will get a nice surprise as the cash comes stringing right out with it. This could also be done in a gift bag with one end of the money string sticking out the top with a little sign that says, "pull here."


Step 11

Freeze the cash in ice. Place the bills in a small Ziploc bag. Fold the excess part of the bag over the back so one side of the bills can be seen clearly. Place this in a small plastic bowl, fill with a few inches of water so it completely covers the bag and money. Place in the freezer until completely frozen. Tell them you wanted to give them "cold hard cash."


Step 12

Wrap the bills in a baby diaper. Wrap the diaper around itself so it looks like a used diaper that needs to be thrown away. Wrap as normal or place in a gift bag to get their shocked expression. Make sure you convince them that they do need to go ahead and open the diaper.


Just remember to have fun!