How to Make a Greek Tunic

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Things You'll Need

  • Material of your choosing

  • Measuring tape

  • Scissors

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Safety pins

  • Rope

Make a Greek Tunic

A Greek tunic, otherwise known as a chiton, is a fairly easy costume to assemble. This tunic, which is appropriate for both men and women, can be adjusted to be long or short and requires only a few items. A length of material in any color can be used to create this tunic, and even an old bed sheet would be an appropriate base for this creation.


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Step 1

Lay the material out as a rectangle, with the long sides on the top and bottom. Measure the material with the measuring tape and cut it to size if necessary. The length of the material, between the two long sides, should be the same as the height of the person wearing the tunic.

Step 2

Fold the material in half so that the fold is on the right side and the wrong side is facing up. When folded, the material should be as wide as the wearer's outstretched arms. Cut away any excess material.


Step 3

Sew up the left side seam with a needle and thread. Turn the material right-side out when finished stitching up the side.

Step 4

Pin the top of the tunic closed with safety pins. Leave a few inches of space on either end to serve as arm holes, and enough space in the center for a head hole.


Step 5

Pull the tunic over the wearer's head and put his arms through the armholes in the top. Tie the tunic at the waist with the rope, and then blouse the material up over the rope until the tunic is the desired length.


To decorate the tunic, add gold trim or wear gold jewelry.


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