Keeping Velveeta Cheese Soft

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Things You'll Need

  • Fresh Velveeta cheese

  • Plastic food storage bags (optional)

  • Airtight food storage containers (optional)

  • Fresh bread slices (optional)

  • Fresh fruit slices (optional)

Keeping Velveeta Cheese Soft

Classified as a pasteurized processed cheese product, Velveeta has been a staple in American kitchens since the 1920s. It is made from cheese and dairy products and is used for recipes from classic American macaroni and cheese to southwestern nachos. It is noted for its easy melting qualities and its cheddar-like flavor. It is available in forms from the classic loaf to shredded and sliced versions. It is also available as the cheese component in prepackaged foods such as macaroni and cheese and is available in varieties with chilis, bacon and other flavorings. Velveeta is a very stable product and does not need to be refrigerated after opening. The one thing that can happen is a loss of moisture, which robs the Velveeta of many of its characteristic qualities, such as easy melting and ability to be molded. Check below for ways to keep your Velveeta soft and cheesy.


Step 1

Store your Velveeta in sealed food storage bags for the simplest way of keeping your Velveeta cheese soft. This will work well in a protected location such as a pantry, where you don't need to worry about the bag being punctured. This works best for short-term storage.

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Step 2

Keep your Velveeta in an airtight food storage container, plastic or metal. This will afford more protection than a plastic bag and makes storage more reliable. Make sure you mark the container so you don't forget what is inside.


Step 3

Provide more moisture protection with either of these methods by including a slice of fresh bread or fruit, such as an apple. These will help provide extra moisture inside the packaging. This is helpful if you live in a dry climate.

Step 4

Use your Velveeta to prepare finished dishes and then freeze the final product. Keep macaroni and cheese or other casseroles on hand in the freezer. Make sure your dish is tightly wrapped.


Velveeta kept airtight will last for extended periods of time. Keep well-packaged Velveeta with your camping supplies. Keep a plastic container of Velveeta in your fishing tackle box. This is the one place where time doesn't matter. Trout will bite on Velveeta chunks, whether a week old or a year old. If you are using your Velveeta for trout bait, try poking a piece of garlic into the inside of the cheese ball.


Make sure you mark the date of your stored Velveeta. It keeps very well but will tend to lose some quality over time, as with any stored food.



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