How to Use Makeup to Look Like a Man

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To create the illusion of a masculine face, you don't need a custom-made mask. Use an eyebrow pencil and pressed powder foundation in light and dark shades to suggest typical masculine features, such as facial hair, thick eyebrows and a chiseled face. For an authentic-looking manly Halloween or costume party get-up, choose clothing, accessories and a hairstyle that man you up as well.


Create a Manly Face

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp eyebrow pencil

  • Pressed powder foundation, dark and light

  • Dark brown eyeshadow (optional)

  • Broad makeup brush (optional)

Sketch in a Mustache

Using an eyebrow pencil, create a mustache by penciling in the hairs. For a realistic look, use this facial hair technique only for narrow mustaches, suggests Theater on a Shoestring.


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Grow a (Fake) Goatee

For that miniature goatee called a "soul patch," pencil in fake hairs just below the middle of the lower lip, extending down in a rectangle and ending about halfway or above the middle of your chin.


Brad Pitt and many other men have worn modern-day goatees with their soul patches. Beginning at the bottom of the mustache, pencil in hairs that form a vertical line from the bottom of each side of the mustache. Extend the lines down to the chin, and pencil in a goatee.

Brush on a 5 O'Clock Shadow

Create stubble with dark brown eyeshadow. Lightly apply it to the areas of the face where a 5 o'clock shadow on a man occurs -- on the cheeks, chin, and if you're not sporting a mustache, in that area as well.



Unless you're hiding your hair with a hat, select an eyebrow pencil color for facial hair that's the same or slightly darker then the hair on your head.

Thicken and Straighten Eyebrows

Using an eyebrow pencil and a light-handed touch, fill in your eyebrows. While men's eyebrows may have arches, the arches should not be as distinct as on a woman's plucked or made-up brows. If you have arches, fill them in partly or completely.


Pass on the Pixie Sideburns

Sketch in sideburns with the eyebrow pencil. Instead of feminine pixie hairstyle points, square the sideburns off at the bottoms to man them up.

Sculpt and Chisel Your Face

Use makeup to create a classic chiseled look. Select a pressed powder foundation a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone or base foundation. Using a broad makeup brush, apply the darker shade below cheekbones and under jawbones. Using your fingertips, blend in the makeup so it fades on the boundaries instead of ending abruptly.


Apply a lighter shade than your skin tone or base foundation to highlight the cheekbones and jawbones.

Dress Like a Man

Put together an outfit that is classically male such as:


  • White-collar professional: Wear a man's suit with tie.
  • Blue-collar worker: Wear jeans or other sturdy-fabric slacks, or slip into overalls, such as the blue kind mechanics wear.
  • Athlete: Rent an athlete's costume or make your own with a jersey, oversized shoulder pads and tight pants.
  • Musician: Rock your party with a costume you rent or outfit you put together for your alter-ego male musician.


Walk Like a Man

You may have a pair of athletic shoes in your closet, which will work fine if they aren't glittered or pink. Hiking boots also might double for man's shoes. Sports sandals also work -- remember to remove any toenail polish. Or borrow a pair of men's dress shoes, loafers or construction boots.


If you wear shoes that are too large, wear extra socks to help prevent blisters.

Style or Hide Your Hair

  • Cover your hair with a hat. If your hair is long, gather it above your head and twist as if to make a bun. Hold it in place while covering it with a bill cap or hat.
  • Wear a wig with a hairstyle that's distinctly masculine.
  • Wear long hair down, provided your hair isn't angled or layered. Or gather it into an elastic at the nape of your neck, wearing it in a ponytail.
  • Use gel, mousse or spray to transform a short, feminine haircut into a manly 'do.
  • Using a styling product, tousle short hair -- perfect with the 5 o'clock shadow makeup.


  • Wear a man's watch, dressy or sporty to match your costume.
  • Purchase a pair of reading glasses -- pop out the lenses -- or men's sunglasses for a buck at a dollar store.
  • Add a sweatband by tying a paisley bandanna around your forehead.
  • Leave your purse at home. Carry your essentials, along with makeup and costume repair kit, in a gym bag, backpack, briefcase or metal lunchbox, depending on your costume.