How to Use Makeup to Look Like a Man

To create the illusion of a masculine face, you don't need a custom-made mask. Use an eyebrow pencil and pressed powder foundation in light and dark shades to suggest typical masculine features, such as facial hair, thick eyebrows and a chiseled face. For an authentic-looking manly Halloween or costume party get-up, choose clothing, accessories and a hairstyle that man you up as well.

Create a Manly Face

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp eyebrow pencil

  • Pressed powder foundation, dark and light

  • Dark brown eyeshadow (optional)

  • Broad makeup brush (optional)

Dress Like a Man

Put together an outfit that is classically male such as:

  • White-collar professional: Wear a man's suit with tie.
  • Blue-collar worker: Wear jeans or other sturdy-fabric slacks, or slip into overalls, such as the blue kind mechanics wear.
  • Athlete: Rent an athlete's costume or make your own with a jersey, oversized shoulder pads and tight pants.
  • Musician: Rock your party with a costume you rent or outfit you put together for your alter-ego male musician.

Style or Hide Your Hair

  • Cover your hair with a hat. If your hair is long, gather it above your head and twist as if to make a bun. Hold it in place while covering it with a bill cap or hat.
  • Wear a wig with a hairstyle that's distinctly masculine.
  • Wear long hair down, provided your hair isn't angled or layered. Or gather it into an elastic at the nape of your neck, wearing it in a ponytail.
  • Use gel, mousse or spray to transform a short, feminine haircut into a manly 'do.
  • Using a styling product, tousle short hair -- perfect with the 5 o'clock shadow makeup.


  • Wear a man's watch, dressy or sporty to match your costume.
  • Purchase a pair of reading glasses -- pop out the lenses -- or men's sunglasses for a buck at a dollar store.
  • Add a sweatband by tying a paisley bandanna around your forehead.
  • Leave your purse at home. Carry your essentials, along with makeup and costume repair kit, in a gym bag, backpack, briefcase or metal lunchbox, depending on your costume.
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