How to Dress Like Storm From the X-Men

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Things You'll Need

  • Black catsuit

  • Cardboard

  • Tinfoil

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Tape

  • Fabric glue

  • Black boots

  • Black gloves

  • White or silver wig

  • Spirit gum adhesive

  • Liquid concealer

  • Powder

  • Liquid eyeliner that matches your brow color

  • Black kohl eyeliner pencil

  • Black liquid eyeliner

  • Foundation

  • Berry-hued lipstick

  • White special-effects contact lenses

Black jumpsuits can be found in department stores.
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Storm from X-Men has the phenomenal superpower of manipulating and controlling the weather -- all while looking fabulous. The materials for a Storm costume are easily sourced. Use some basic makeup techniques to make the look authentic, and you'll be ready portray this magnificent mutant.



Step 1

Purchase a black, long-sleeve catsuit. Alternatives to latex are cotton, spandex and polyester. Halloween supply stores carry generic black catsuits. Check into black, dance unitards also. Leggings and a black long-sleeve shirt would work as well.


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Step 2

Make a silver X symbol out of cardboard and tinfoil. Cut a 3-inch X shape out of cardboard. Cut a circle out of cardboard with a 3 1/4-inch diameter. Cover the X and the circle in tinfoil. Place the circle face down on the table. Put the X inside the circle. Tape the X to the edges of the circle.


Step 3

Use fabric glue to adhere the symbol to the outfit. Place it at the navel.

Step 4

Wear a pair of black boots. They can be ankle- or knee-length. Wear them over the legs of your outfit.

Step 5

Wear a pair of black gloves.


Step 6

Wear a long white or silver wig.


Step 1

Apply spirit-gum adhesive to the end of both eyebrows above the corner of each eye. Put the spirit gum on the last 1/4 inch of the brow and let it dry for five minutes.


Step 2

Use your middle finger to apply liquid concealer over the spirit gum. Dust with powder to set. Take the liquid liner and arch the brow and extend it out a bit and then down.

Step 3

Line the waterline of your eye with black eyeliner pencil. Sweep the black liquid liner under the eye and out to the side to create a cat-eye effect.


Step 4

Use foundation to even your skin tone. Dust your face with powder.

Step 5

Apply a berry-colored lipstick.

Step 6

Insert white contact lenses. Place on the eye and blink to position.


If you have sensitive eyes or do not want to purchase the contacts, you can use white eye shadow on your lids to create the effect of Storm’s eyes changing to white.


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