How to Make Sea Shell Christmas Ornaments

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Things You'll Need

  • Various seashells and starfish

  • Drill

  • 1/8-inch drill bit

  • Craft glue

  • Glitter

  • Craft paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Small embellishments

  • Small artificial flowers

  • Thin ribbon

You can make seashell decorations and gifts.

If you live near a shoreline, you may have a sea or beach theme somewhere in your house. If so, you can decorate your Christmas tree to match that theme. You can buy bags of seashells at the craft store and make enough ornaments to decorate the entire tree--and make gifts for those on your list who love to travel to beaches.


Step 1

Paint a starfish gold, and sprinkle on some gold glitter while the paint is still wet. Allow the ornament to dry for about an hour, then drill a hole on one of the legs from the back. Pull a gold piece of ribbon through and tie it to hang your ornament.

Step 2

Paint a thin, pointed shell--that looks like an icicle--white. While the paint is wet, sprinkle on some clear glitter. Let it dry for a couple of hours, then drill a hole in the top and pull a piece of white ribbon through. Tie the ribbon and hang the ornament on the tree.


Step 3

Make Christmas trees out of a Cerith or King's Crown shell--small conchs that end in a point. Paint them green and decorate them with gold glitter as garland. Let them dry, then glue some small red and white pompoms or beads on for balls. Put a gold pompom or bead on the top for a star. Drill a hole and put in your ribbon for hanging.

Step 4

Paint a scene on the inside of a clam or oyster shell or cut out a scene from a Christmas card and glue it to the inside of the shell. You can paint the outside or leave it natural. Paint on some glue and sprinkle glitter on it. Drill a hole and put in the ribbon.


Step 5

Put hot glue on the ends of some greens and flower stems and push them into a small conch. Hold them in place until the glue adheres to the inside. Paint on some glue and glitter the outside. Drill a hole at the top and push the ribbon through, then tie it.


If you can paint, paint a hermit crab coming out of a small conch wearing a Christmas hat. The thin, pointed shell that looks like an icicle is called Florida Auger or Wentletrap.