How to Make a Candy Bar Halloween Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Sample Candy Bar

  • Basic Brown Outfit for the Child

  • Foam Core or Poster Board

  • Wide Elastic (3” to 4”)

  • Aluminum Foil or Cellophane Paper (optional)

  • Craft Paints

  • Paint Brushes

  • Magic Markers

  • Staple Gun with Staples

  • Epoxy Glue

  • Clear Mailing Tape

  • Face Paint

Halloween doesn't have to just be a time for spooky or scary costumes. It can also be a time for fun, whimsical options. That is especially true with regard to costumes for children. They generally want something out of the ordinary that will impress their friends and make them feel special. For that reason, many kids like to make their costumes right a home with the held of mom or dad. Costume possibilities are almost never-ending; limited only by the child's imagination. Here is one idea for a costume that mimics the child's favorite candy bar.


Step 1

Decide what type of candy bar to mimic. Some favorites include Hershey(tm), Snickers(tm), Kit Kat(tm), Milky Way(tm) and Mr. Goodbar(tm). Once the decision has been made, purchase a sample of the candy bar to be copied.

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Step 2

Look through the child's closet to find brown clothing that can be worn as the costume base. A long-sleeved knit shirt and pants will work as will a sweat shirt and sweatpants or even pajamas. If there isn't anything brown on hand, visit a thrift or discount department store in search of items. Don't forget that light colors can also be dyed if necessary to achieve the desired color.

Step 3

Purchase all of the items needed to complete the costume. Most of the items can be purchased at a discount department store. Some can also be purchased at local dollar stores. Virtually everything can also be purchased at any large craft store.

Step 4

Cut two rectangles out of foam core or poster board. The width should be no wider than four inches beyond the width of the child. The length should fall just above the child's knees.


Step 5

Use craft paint or magic markers to paint one rectangle of the board to match, as closely as possible, the front of the sample candy bar. Use the other to mimic the back of the candy bar as well. Let the boards dry thoroughly.

Step 6

Cut pieces of wide elastic to be used to join the front and back of the boards together at the top, like a sandwich board. The pieces should be cut long enough to serve as shoulder straps to hold the boards comfortably in place. Measure them on the child to make certain that goal is achieved.


Step 7

Adhere the elastic to the inside of the costume front and back, using staples and a staple gun, strong epoxy glue, or both. Double enforcement, using both staples and glue, is recommended in order to keep the costume from breaking easily.

Step 8

Add elastic to the sides of the costume to hold it securely in place. About four to six inches of wide elastic connected just below the arms should be sufficient. Adhere the pieces in place as outlined in Step 7 above.


Step 9

Wrap the child's base costume in cellophane or aluminum foil (depending upon the type of candy bar being mimicked) in order to give the costume a more authentic look. Tape everything into place with clear mailing tape.

Step 10

Paint the child's face and hands either brown (the color of chocolate) or the color of the candy bar wrapper, if desired, with non-toxic face paints. You can also paint the child's hair the same way with nontoxic, colored hairspray. This step, however, is optional.


Foam core board works best and lasts longer. However, very small children may find the extra weight too heavy. Opt for regular poster board for children under the age of five. It isn't advisable to wrap very small children, under the age of four, with aluminum foil or cellophane wrap as it may make it too difficult for them to move freely.


Use non-toxic face paints and hair spray. If your child is allergic to these items, do not use them. You might choose to add highly reflective safety tape to the poster boards, so the child is easily visible at night.


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