How to Play the Cotton Ball Game

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Things You'll Need

  • Bag of cotton balls

  • Spatula

  • Large bowl

  • Blindfold

Play the Cotton Ball Game

Baby showers are a fun way to honor a mom-to-be. Baby showers date back to the late 1800's, when other mothers would host a tea party for the expectant mother and "shower" her with gifts, support and love. One of the things that make a baby shower such fun is the games that are played. The cotton ball game will have your guests laughing so hard, you will want to add it to your baby shower game repertoire.


Step 1

Have everyone sit in a circle or half-circle on the floor. The expectant mommy can sit this one out and watch from a place of honor (like a fluffy chair).

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Step 2

Pour all of the contents of the bag of cotton balls in a pile in the center of the floor. Spread the cotton balls out slightly. You don't need them to be spread way across the floor; simply spread them so that they are not piled up high on top of each other.

Step 3

Place the bowl to one side of the mass of cotton balls, preferably to the left since most of the guests are probably right-handed. Set the spatula to the right of the cotton balls (this should be a flipper-style spatula, like you might use for making pancakes or burgers, not a rubber spatula).


Step 4

Have the first guest sit in front of the cotton balls and bowl. Blindfold her and place the spatula in her hand. Instruct her to scoop up as many cotton balls as she can and pour them into the bowl--without using her other hand. She can use her hand to find the bowl, but not to grab the cotton balls.


Step 5

Watch and laugh as players carefully scoop the cotton balls. They are so light that you cannot tell the difference between a scoopful of cotton balls and thin air, so it is especially funny to watch someone cautiously try not to "spill" a spatula full of nothing. The guest who scoops the highest number of cotton balls into the bowl wins a prize.


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