How to Make a Dryer Hose Pumpkin

Things You'll Need

  • Dryer hose

  • Wire clippers

  • Orange spray paint

  • Sticks

  • Fall silk leaves

  • Floral wire

  • Raffia

  • Hot glue

  • Household cement

  • Brown acrylic paint

  • Green acrylic paint

  • Stencil brush

  • Scissors

  • Feather duster

  • Masking tape

Craft-recycling ideas often come from the most mundane discards. We are always thinking about the everyday trash we throw away, but what about those things that get tossed after maintaining items in our homes? This cute pumpkin project had a humble beginning as a dryer hose that was being changed out for a new one. I have even found them at local yard sales for free. If you don't have a dryer hose that is ready to be recycled, get the word out to all your friends. In no time, you will have enough hose to create a whole pumpkin patch.

Step 1

Stretch the hose out, and cut a length 24 inches long using the wire cutters and the scissors. The wire coil of the dryer hose may be a bit difficult to cut, but with flexing and pressure it can be done.

Step 2

Insert a feather duster into the hose to clean the lent out. This does not need to be perfect because it will be trapped inside and will not be seen.

Step 3

Apply household cement along the cut edges for a permanent hold, and use hot glue to help hold the ends together until the cement has set. Press the ends together and tape. Allow the glue to set up and dry.

Step 4

Remove the tape. Spray paint the dryer hose pumpkin orange. Allow it to dry.

Step 5

Shade around the top of the pumpkin with a mixture of the green and brown acrylic paints using the stencil brush. Allow it to dry.

Step 6

Cut or break a stick that is 4 inches to 6 inches long. Apply hot glue to one end of the stick, and insert it in the center hole of the dryer hose pumpkin.

Step 7

Wind two 12-inch engths of the craft wire around the stencil brush handle, and slide them off. Stretch them out slightly and straighten one end of each. Glue the ends next to the stem for the pumpkin's vine tendrils.

Step 8

Glue a couple of fall silk leaves around the stem base of the dryer hose pumpkin.

Step 9

Gather several strands of raffia, and tie them into a bow. Allow the ends to remain uneven. Glue the raffia to the base of the pumpkin stem, and your dryer hose pumpkin is complete.


Dryer hoses come in a variety of sizes. Enjoy making a plethora of pumpkin sizes to create unique fall pumpkin patch decorations that will last for years.