How to Draw Fancy Letters

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Things You'll Need

  • Quality drawing paper

  • Pencil

  • Markers

  • Pen

  • Ink

  • Metal straight-edged ruler

  • Kneaded eraser

  • Drafting table (optional)

  • T-square (optional)

  • French curves (optional)

Your fancy letters will look their best if you draw them with precision. Fancy letters are useful for letter writing, creating certificates and artwork. Whether you're using a stencil, working freehand or copying from a font, you'll want to work with professional drafting tools, such as a drafting table, a T-square, French curves or drafting curves.


Step 1

Use a ruler to mark fine, straight lines on the page. Be sure to mark these very lightly so that they can be erased later. Take care to keep the lines parallel to the top and bottom edges of the paper. To make the lines perfectly straight with a T-square, align the edge of the paper with the table. Use a clip to affix the paper securely, then align the T-square with the table.


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Step 2

Find a font that you would like to copy or emulate, and place the font examples near your workspace.

Step 3

Draw the basic structure of the fancy letters very lightly in pencil. Use the French curve if necessary to increase the accuracy and cleanliness of your curves. Use a ruler to create any straight edges.


Step 4

Go over the pencil outline of the fancy letters with permanent materials. Use a metal straight-edge ruler to keep your lines straight, and use your French curve if your hand isn't very steady.

Step 5

Use a kneaded eraser to erase the pencil lines that are still visible. Go over the area very lightly and carefully, taking care not to damage the paper.


Work on a drafting table if possible. A drafting table can tip upward to that it faces you at a diagonal angle, making precision drawing easier and preventing you from hunching over the table.

Calligraphy is an excellent way to create fancy letters. Be sure to obtain the right pens and ink.

Draft your design in advance to avoid errors.


If using multiple colors, allow some drying time between colors. Allow the ink to dry completely before continuing.


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