How to Make a Collage From News Headlines

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Things You'll Need

  • Headlines from newspapers or magazines

  • Glue

  • A canvas

  • Scissors

  • Shellac to cover the entire canvas

Make a large collage of headlines from newspapers and you will create a work of art and also document the times you are living in. Headlines, dramatic or humorous, often catch people's attention and are riveting to read. Start this creative project by saving headlines in an envelope, and soon enough you will have enough to start a collage. Read on to learn more about how to make a collage from news headlines.


Step 1

Obtain a canvas to start your project. Give it a basic coat of white paint and let it dry for at least one day.

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Step 2

Cut out headlines from newspapers and magazines. Collect enough headlines to fill the size canvas you have picked out. Try to use headlines that are very visually enticing and discuss issues of interest.

Step 3

Use glue to adhere the headlines to the canvas. You may either line the headlines up in a neat fashion or arrange them in a random order with spaces in between. Be creative, set the mood of the work of art by deciding ahead how you will arrange the headlines on the canvas.


Step 4

Group similar headlines together or arrange them randomly. Use different size headlines and look for headlines with unusual type faces to add interest to the overall look of the project.

Step 5

Document the world you are living in by using headlines in art. The work of art will be a statement about today's world and will only grow more interesting as the years go by. When you have glued enough headlines to the canvas let the glue dry over night. Then cover the entire canvas with shellac and let it dry for several days.


Save headlines over a period of time.

Give yourself time to find really interesting headlines.


Buy an inexpensive canvas for the project at the flea market or at a thrift shop.