How to Make Clothes for a Guinea Pig

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You can play off a guinea pig's cuteness by making rough and tumble clothing.

Maybe your guinea pig loves a certain holiday, is having company or is planning a hot date. Whatever the case, he’s going to need some dazzling duds. You can make clothes for guinea pig much the same way you would sew things for a very small baby or doll. Here is how you can create tiny creations that will thrill your children and guests. It is sure to bring a smile to your face as well.


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Step 1

Decide what kind of outfit you want to create. Clothing can range from a simple T-shirt to a full body suit to a jazzy dress. Anything that drapes over the guinea pig’s entire body is going to stay secured the best. You can also create vests or capes if you don't want to create an entire costume.


Step 2

Pick your fabric. Felt is a very good choice because it is soft, inexpensive and easy to work with. Cotton and other soft fabrics are also good. Don’t go for something like burlap or velvet since that material can get itchy. The guinea pig may be uncomfortable enough wearing the clothes in the first place. You don’t need to make it worse.


Step 3

Measure your guinea pig. Take a tape measure from the area behind his ears to his bottom. Also measure around his middle and the length from the collar to his arms and legs.

Step 4

Create a pattern. Using your measurements, sketch a pattern on thin piece of material or paper a marker. You can make the clothing easier if you keep only one side open for stitching, like creating a tube. Cut out your pattern, and place it over your chosen material.


Step 5

Secure your pattern to the fabric with pins, and cut the material around the pattern. Remember to leave a little extra on the edges where it will be taken up by stitching.

Step 6

Sew it. Stitch the item at the seams. Since guinea pig clothing is so small, you may just want to do it by hand rather than bothering with a sewing machine.


Step 7

Finish off the details. Cut holes where the guinea pig’s arms should go. Hem the arm holes, bottom and collar as desired.

Step 8

Place the clothing on your guinea pig so that he can try it on. Make any adjustments needed. Only keep the clothing on him for a short time so that he doesn't get uncomfortable, and never leave the clothing on an unattended guinea pig. Enjoy showing off your adorable guinea pig.


Adding designs with markers or fabric paint is easier than attaching things.


Your guinea pig clothing should only be worn for short periods and only when you are supervising him. There is too much of a chance of injury if you leave your guinea pig alone wearing his clothing. If you are making a full body suit, remember you guinea pig will need to go to the bathroom at some point. This means he will probably soil his clothing. If you leave an opening for the bathroom duty, you may as well just make a dress or cloak instead. Don't put ribbons on the clothing as this could create a choking hazard.