How to Tailgate at a High School Football Game

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How to Tailgate at a High School Football Game. Tailgating is not limited to college and NFL games. You can demonstrate team spirit while bringing together fans and great food. Tailgate at a your local high school gootball game. This is a great opportunity for the community to get to know each other while sharing good food and company. This gathering may result in a tradition that will be carried on for years to follow.


Step 1

Get permission. Before the game, contact the local high school and inquire about this activity on school property. There may be different guidelines for after hours and permission may not be required, but ask as a precaution.

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Step 2

Make preparations. This will involve brainstorming to decide what you will need, who to invite and what steps you will need to take to make this even a success.


Step 3

Gather supplies. Select a grill. Decide on a menu. Determine what games or events to offer. Stock the cooler with sodas or water.

Step 4

Make it a group effort. Contact others from the high school community who you think may be interested in participating in tailgating at the high school football game. This may be something that brings the high school community closer.


Step 5

Ask community members to contribute suggestions on how to make the event family friendly. This will be held on a high school property so it definitely needs to be family friendly.

Step 6

Schedule games and hold contests and cook-offs. Invite students to be the judges. Contest prizes can include school team caps, t-shirts and windbreakers. Hire a face painter or a clown for the younger kids.

Step 7

Have fun. This is surely to be a fun event for the high school football fan community that may turn into an event for every game.


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