How to Do an Envelope Prank

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Things You'll Need

  • Large paper clip or thick piece of wire at least five inches long

  • Small or medium sized rubber band

  • Small paper clip

  • Envelope

Do an envelope prank to startle your friends or coworkers. Watch them jump when they open the envelope and it vibrates. It's a fun prank for kids to play on each other because it's easy to do--the things you need should be right at home. Follow these steps to do an envelope prank.


Step 1

Label the front of an envelope with the name of the person you want to prank or a clever phrase like "Rattlesnake Eggs." The object is to pique someone's interest enough that they want to open the envelope.

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Step 2

Unbend the large paper clip or piece of thick wire. Bend it into any shape that will hold the rubber band taut when you string it between the two ends of the wire. You can have the middle side of the wire or unbent paper clip straight with the two ends pointed in the same direction or the whole wire bent into a crescent shape.

Step 3

String the rubber band across the two ends of the wire. If the rubber band isn't taut enough, get a smaller rubber band or adjust the wire so the two ends are farther apart, pulling the rubber band tighter.

Step 4

Slide the small paper clip over both sides of the rubber band. The rubber band should be going through the middle part of the small paper clip.


Step 5

Spin the paper clip around as many times as you can without making the wire collapse. The rubber band should look twisted.

Step 6

Hold the paper clip in place and set the contraption inside of an envelope. The sides of the envelope should be strong enough to hold the paper clip in place after you close the envelope. If the aren't, you need to find a stronger envelope.


Step 7

Close the flap on the envelope, but don't seal it. Set it with the label facing up in an area where your target person will be likely to pick it up.

Step 8

See the shocked look on your target's face when he opens the envelope. The paper clip spins at a high rate of speed making the envelope vibrate and creating a fluttering sound.


Be careful not to let go of the rubber band once it’s wound up or the paper clip could hurt you.


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