How to Finish a Crochet Scarf

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Things You'll Need

  • Worsted weight yarn

  • Crochet hook, Size H

Shell stitch edge

A crochet scarf makes a great accessory in winter or summer. A scarf crocheted with a lightweight yarn or thread adds a lovely lacy touch to your summer wardrobe, and a scarf crocheted with soft, warm yarn looks great in winter. When you finish a crochet scarf with a very nice edge, you can give it a bit more character and style and create exactly the look you want.


Step 1

Start with a crochet scarf. A simple rectangle will do. To make a warm scarf: Chain 14. Double crochet (dc) in 4th chain from hook and in each chain across. Chain 3. Turn (12 stitches, counting ch 3). Double crochet in each chain across (11 dc). Chain 3. Turn. Repeat until scarf is desired length. Tie off (pull yarn through loop on hook to make loop 1 inch in length; cut loop at midpoint; pull end tight). Weave in end.


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Step 2

To make a simple, attractive border with shell stitches, use contrasting colors and attach yarn with slip stitch in one corner of short end. Chain 3, 2 double crochet (dc) in same stitch. [Single crochet in next stitch. 3 dc in next stitch.) Repeat to corner. 3 dc in corner; sc in same stitch. To finish long edges, work evenly along sides of double crochets, 3 dc followed by sc. Repeat along second short edge and final long edge. Tie off. Weave in end.


Step 3

Finish your crochet scarf with an airy, loopy edge:Use contrasting color, attach yarn in one corner of short end with single crochet. Chain 3. Single crochet in next 2 stitches, chain 3, single crochet in next two stitches across. Single crochet, chain 3, single crochet in corner. Work evenly along long side in pattern stitch. Single crochet, chain 3, single crochet in corner. Repeat around to beginning corner. Single crochet, chain 3, finish with slip stitch in beginning single crochet. Tie off. Weave in ends.


Be creative when you choose textures and colors for your scarf. Make your work uniquely you.



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