How to Make a Freddy Krueger Sweater

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Things You'll Need

  • Sweater

  • Lighter

  • Green paint

  • Dirt

How to Make a Freddy Krueger Sweater. Freddy Krueger is the man of nightmares and every Halloween there's someone who wants to dress up like Freddy. One of the key pieces of clothing for a Freddy Krueger costume is the infamous red and green singed sweater. For an authentic-looking Freddy costume, you need more than just the sweater. You need to singe it and fringe it for the scariest effect.


Step 1

Start out by searching for a red and olive green striped sweater. If you can't find this great combination, purchase a red sweater. You can find cheap sweaters at resale or thrift shops, with the added bonus that they might already be a little bit dirty.

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Step 2

Paint olive green stripes on a solid sweater and let it dry. The sweater should start and end with a red stripe, with only a small amount of red showing near the neckline.


Step 3

Take a lighter and singe the edges of the sleeves, neckline and hem. You should also burn up certain areas along the edges, until they're blackened.

Step 4

Pull out loose strings along the edges of the sleeves and bottom hem. Give the sweater a frayed look in certain areas.

Step 5

Make the sweater look old by covering it with dirt and grime. You can use black mud, some car oil or paint for this look.


If you can't find olive green paint, you can get a black and red striped sweater and probably get away with wearing that for the costume.


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