How to Mend a Fraying End in String

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Things You'll Need

  • Match

  • Tape

  • Glue

  • Scissors

Everything, at one time or another, wears out, even string; shoe strings, sleeping bag strings, or strings on your hooded sweatshirt. In the past when they fray, we simple threw them away and bought new ones. But now, in a day when the economy is shaky and our budgets are limited, we must find a way to make due with what we have. So here are a couple steps to help you mend that frayed string.


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Step 1

Take the end of the shoe string and cut away the excessively frayed ends, thinning out the top by a layer of string, so that the top half inch is significantly thinner than the rest of the string.


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Step 2

Bunch together the thinned-out string and do one of three things:

Step 3

Wrap tape tightly around the thin part of the string. Add glue, if desired, around the tape, but especially on top, to make it more sturdy.


Step 4

Take fabric glue (not hot glue or rubber cement), Elmer's glue, or, preferably, Gorilla glue and either dip the end in the glue, or spread a coat of it across the string and top of the string. Then let it dry.

Step 5

Strike a match and hover the flame under the thin part of the string; not so close that it catches on fire, but just enough so it begins to melt. The string will melt and turn into a sort of hard plastic because of the make-up of the string.


The match over the string is the most lasting, but may not work with all types of strings. If you choose the match method do it when your kids are asleep, or let them know the importance of not playing with matches or trying this without you.


Do not use matches unless there is parental supervision.