How to Make a Fabric Softener Dispenser

Fabric softener can make a world of difference when you wash you clothes, especially those weekly outfits. You don't want to wear stiff, coarse feeling garmets, so you need to add fabric softener. The only problem is that most of us forget to get up and add the softener to the washer at the right time. There is an easy and simple remedy for this, and the following article will teach you how to make your own fabric softener dispenser.

Making a fabric softener dispenser at home

Step 1

Load the laundry as you normally would in your washing machine.

Step 2

Punch several holes in a plastic freezer bag with a nail or pen top or some other sharp pointed object. Don't poke too many, but make at least six passed through the bag.

Step 3

Fill the bag with fabric softener, while holding it over the mouth of the washing mashine.

Step 4

Place the bag inside the washing machine and start as you normally would. The small holes in the bag allow for the softener to be released slowly, without you having to try and time the cycle.