How to Make a Paper Gun

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How to Make a Paper Gun. Most little boys will find almost anything and make a gun out of it. If you do not have a toy gun to play with, you can make your own with just two pieces of paper. Read on to learn how to make a paper gun.

Step 1

Fold a letter-size piece of paper in half lengthwise.


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Step 2

Refold the piece of paper again lengthwise. Then fold it one more time lengthwise. You should now have folded the paper three times.

Step 3

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 with another piece of paper by folding it in half lengthwise three times. You will now have two of these folded pieces of paper.

Step 4

Take one of the folded pieces of paper and fold it in half the other way across the width. This will form the barrel of the gun.

Step 5

Use the other folded piece of paper and fold it on one end upward at a 90-degree angle and at the other end at a 90-degree angle. Leave 4 inches in the center of the piece of paper.


Step 6

Fold both of the 90-degree ends on the piece of paper so they are even and aligned.

Step 7

Slide the barrel piece of paper around both of the 90-degree angles. It should go into the pocket that has been formed by the 90-degree angle folds.

Step 8

Pull it back and slide it forward to use the paper gun.


You can make this paper gun with notebook paper as well. Just rip out the paper and tear off the extra pieces on the edges if ripped out of a spiral notebook.


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