How to Make Olive Juice

Olive juice is the essential ingredient to many great martinis. Bartenders know that the brine usually gets used up long before olives do. This can leave a bartender frustrated, and bar owners sigh at the potential waste of olives.

I will show you how to make olive juice that can be a saving grace for a bartender, and it is perfect for your home bar.

Things You'll Need

  • olives

  • salt

  • water

  • vinegar

  • jar with lid

How to Make Olive Juice

Step 1

Start by putting dry olives into a jar. Put the lid to the side for now.

Step 2

Mix salt, water, and a half a teaspoon of vinegar together until you get a murky consistency.

Step 3

Pour the mixture in the jar on top of the olives. You want it to slide all the way to the bottom, going between the olives.

in this step, you want to make sure the mixture gets to the bottom and all in the jar. Stop short of pouring it to the top of the jar. You want to leave about 1/8 of the jar space open for mixing and shaking.

Step 4

Put the lid on the jar. Screw it tightly and hold it firmly in place.

Step 5

Shake your closed jar vigorously. You want to make sure it is completely mixed all up with the olives.

Step 6

Refrigerate your new mixture for half an hour.

Step 7

Take out jar, shaking it again. This should re-mix and re-establish the salt water mixture as it forms the olive juice.

Leave the jar in the fridge, letting the mixture soak in the olives, until ready for use. Shake once again before using.


Shake the mixture as much as possible to fully form the juice for maximum taste. Sample the juice yourself before mixing it in cocktails or drinks.


Never shake or mix the jar without fully securing the lid. Don't do this in front of customers. Although it does form a great juice, it can look deceptive and misleading.