How to Weave Diamondback Braids for Homecoming Mums

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Things You'll Need

  • School color ribbons

  • Thin dowel

  • Tape Measure

  • Football homecoming mums

  • Hot glue or staples

How to Weave Diamondback Braids for Homecoming Mums. In parts of Texas and Oklahoma, football homecoming mums adorn girls to show their school spirit. With homecoming mums, the larger, the better; it's fairly common for mums to weigh 12 lbs. The adornments on a mum include bells, whistles, braids, charms and lights. Weaving diamondback braids is an easy way to add some character to football homecoming mums.


Step 1

Get ribbon in your school's colors. Most schools have two predominant colors, if you aren't sure, go with the colors on the football uniform. Make sure you buy enough ribbon by multiplying the intended length by 3.5.

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Step 2

Find a core to wrap the ribbon around. You may want to use a thin dowel, which you can cut to the required length. If you use a thick core, plan to use extra ribbon. Once you master the technique, you can make diamondback braids without a core.

Step 3

Measure the amount of ribbon and cut two equal sections, one from each color ribbon. For a diamondback braid, you drape the ribbon over the top of the core and adjust so you have four equal lengths (two of each color) hanging down like a May pole. Some crafters alternate the colors while others work with one color ribbon per side of the core.


Step 4

Grab one of each color ribbon in each hand. You may want to support the core with your knees or hold it between your middle and ring fingers. Start with the same color on top in each hand.

Step 5

Bring the top ribbon from one hand back around the core. You want to tuck the strip between the ribbons in your other hand to interlock them together. Pull the ribbon tight and wrap it around the core so you end with the ribbon in the original hand and underneath the second color ribbon.


Step 6

Make one or two plaits and then turn your core to plait the other side. The first few plaits often prove to be the most difficult step to weaving a diamondback braid. If you don't keep the ribbons tight as you work, gaps may occur between the plaits.

Step 7

Repeat the plaits until you reach your desired length. You can secure the lose ends of ribbons to the back of football homecoming mums with hot glue or staples.


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