How to Shoot Roman Candles

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How to Shoot Roman Candles. You must treat roman candles, and all other fireworks with respect. These devices create beauty and wonder, but also have the ability to harm if you aren't careful with them. Follow these steps to know how to shoot roman candles safely.

Step 1

Read the instructions on the roman candle. Most roman candles are not safe to hold in your hand, but a few are. If the candle says not to hold it in your hand, you need to find something in which you can place it. You can stick it in the ground or place the end in a glass jar or other container. Alternatively, you can place a pipe in the ground and just set the candle into it. Then, you can use the pipe to shoot off other fireworks such as bottle rockets.


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Step 2

Make sure you point the end of the candle toward the open sky. Most roman candles shoot out colored stars that can ignite things, if they land before going out.

Step 3

Light the fuse and back away from the roman candle to watch it. If you are able to hold it in your hand, extend your arm fully to keep the candle as far from your body as possible. Make sure both ends of the candle are pointing away from your body and away from other people or animals.


Step 4

Let the roman candle burn and go out. However, if you are holding the candle, you will need to put it down on a hard non-flammable surface such as concrete when the fire gets close to your hand. It will just go out by itself.

Step 5

Remember to keep all fireworks away from power lines, trees and other things that could catch on fire. In addition, check your cities regulations about fireworks. Some cities prohibit the use of fireworks inside city limits, and during burn bans.


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