How to Open a Package Without Damaging It

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How to Open a Package Without Damaging It. Whether you get a package in the mail or as a gift there is a way to open it so you won't damage the contents. Consider the following whenever you have a fragile package to open.

Step 1

Gather the following items to use in opening your package. Scissors and a knife as well as keys are good items to use.


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Step 2

Check the wrapping on the package. If it is gift-wrapped, start by opening the gift-wrapping. Look to see where the tape is and carefully undo it. This may require using the scissors or knife.

Step 3

Move onto the box that contains the package. Carefully insert the one side of the scissors into the place where the box opens and move it side to side until you have broken the seal.


Step 4

Select the knife and carefully slit the box so you can open it without hurting the items inside. Fingernails can work also--but you need to be careful not to break them or get a papercut. Just slide your fingernail into the area and move it back and forth until you break the seal.

Step 5

Be especially careful when opening a package containing pictures. Scissors or a knife may cause damage. Rip the paper carefully making sure you don't tear any part of the picture. There are times you will receive pictures that are not framed.


Try not to drop the package when you are opening it. If your package contains peanuts, be sure to remove items from the packing materials and not just dump the whole contents out.