How to Make an Abraham Lincoln Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Black suit with long jacket

  • White shirt

  • Gray or beige vest

  • Thin black ribbon

  • Black shoes

  • Long black beard

  • Spirit gum

  • Construction paper

  • Brown makeup pencil

How to Make an Abraham Lincoln Costume. Abraham Lincoln is one of the most well known American presidents. Even young school children know what Honest Abe looked like. There are many reasons folks want to dress like Lincoln, whether it be a school play, President's Day or an unconventional Halloween costume.


Step 1

Find a black suit. Normal black pants work fine. The style of jackets back in the 1860s was long in the back, almost to the knees. Try making one from a historical pattern. Finish off the outfit with a white shirt, beige or gray vest and use a thin piece of long black ribbon for a necktie. Add plain black shoes.


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Step 2

Get a stovepipe hat, which looks like a top hat, only taller. Be creative and make one out of several sheets of construction paper. Use one sheet for the hat brim; cut a circle out of the middle and take another piece and roll it into a tube. Secure with tape or hot glue. Use the circle cut out for the brim and attach it to the top of the tube then put the top of the hat onto the brim.


Step 3

Purchase a black beard from any costume supply house. Attach it to the face with spirit gum. Trim the beard to look like Abe Lincoln's. Use historical images of Lincoln for reference to get the look just right.

Step 4

Keep a stoic look. Abraham Lincoln was never known for his smile.

Step 5

Apply a fake mole with a brown makeup pencil to the right cheek near the smile crease.


Test spirit gum on a small bit of skin to make sure no allergic reaction occurs.


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