How to Repair a Crocheted Blanket

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Things You'll Need

  • Crochet hooks in a variety of sizes

  • Matching yarn

How to Repair a Crocheted Blanket. Many people have a crocheted blanket that was a gift from a special person. Since these comfortable throws get a lot of wear, they sometimes get holes in them. If that happens to your favorite crocheted blanket, don't give up. You or someone who crochets may be able to repair the blanket.


Step 1

Determine what kind of crochet stitch forms the blanket. If you know how to crochet, you probably can easily determine if it's a common stitch. If it's not common, you may need to consult a crochet book to find the stitch.

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Step 2

Locate yarn that closely matches the crocheted blanket. Also choose a yarn that is a similar weight.

Step 3

Make a sample size patch of the crocheted stitch. Use different size crochet hooks to get the stitch to closely match that of the crocheted blanket.

Step 4

Undo the stitches around the spot in the blanket that needs the repair. Do not cut the yarn that you unravel. Try to make the hole into a rectangular shape.


Step 5

Leave a tail of yarn as you begin to crochet the hole closed. Work your way from one side of the hole to the other hole then weave the ends into the blanket. Repeat this process until you complete the repair. The last row may require you to crochet into the row above as part of the stitch.


Step 6

Cut the original tails to three-inch lengths. Weave the original ends into the newly crocheted piece.

Step 7

Unravel the blanket past the hole if it is near the top edge. This is an easy repair if the blanket doesn't have a crocheted edge on it. All you need to do is crochet the blanket again with the yarn you unraveled.


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