How to Throw a Going Away Party

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A best friend is moving to another state. A co-worker is being transferred or has found another job opportunity. A classmate is embarking on a study-abroad program. These are all reasons you may want to throw a going away party. This can be a touching gesture for the person who is leaving; it helps let him know that he will be missed. Organizing a fun farewell party, be it for a colleague or close friend, requires a little planning and imagination.


Step 1

Plan what kind of going away party you will throw. The mood will be quite different if you are throwing a going away bash for a coworker than it would be for your best friend. If you are going to host the party at an office or at someone else's house, plan accordingly. Knowing whether the party will be a surprise or if the guest of honor will be notified will help you organize accordingly.

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Step 2

Determine the theme of the going away party. Consider the person for whom the party is for; if you are saying goodbye to a close friend or family member, think about her interests and hobbies. For example, if a close girlfriend is moving to Hawaii, throw a luau-themed party.

Step 3

Set a date and time for the going away party and write up a guest list. Send out your invitations; you can make them yourself on card paper or go to a printing shop to have them made.


Step 4

Plan a menu. You can plan a quiet intimate dinner for friends and relatives, or make finger foods for guests to nibble on. You can have guests bring snacks, drinks and supplies as well.

Step 5

Decorate the party space according to your theme; you may have to do this the day of the party, so keep the decorations simple and easy to clean up afterwards. Enlist other attendees to help you with the decorations, and designate several people to help serve on the clean-up committee.


Step 6

Avoid stressing out about throwing the perfect party. It's the thought that counts, so if there are a few snafus, don't worry about it too much. Your friend or coworker will truly appreciate the effort you took in planning the farewell party.

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