How to Make a Fake Diploma

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Things You'll Need

  • Heavyweight paper

  • Color printer

How to Make a Fake Diploma. There are a number of reasons why you would want to make a fake diploma. A fake diploma can be used as decorations for graduation ceremonies, a gag gift for a colleague and filler in the background of a theatrical production. It is possible to make a fake diploma that looks realistic in a few simple steps.


Step 1

Study the features of multiple diplomas before you attempt to make a fake diploma. A glance at your doctor's diplomas and a review of diplomas in your manager's office can help you determine the best way to make a diploma.

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Step 2

Invest in heavyweight paper to pass your fake diploma for genuine credentials. You should look at the printing guidelines for diplomas at a variety of universities to assess a standard paper weight for your product.

Step 3

Hunt down a color printer to use when you complete your fake diploma. You need a high-end printer with pinpoint precision and multiple print programs to avoid ink smears and other production errors.

Step 4

Align your fake diploma with sufficient space for chancellor and secretary of the university signatures. You need to locate a print color in your design program that can pass for a legitimate signature.


Step 5

Print out the full name of the diploma's recipient to make an accurate duplicate. The first, middle and last name should have fonts and print sizes consistent with the rest of the diploma.

Step 6

Spell out the program and degree type for the diploma's recipient in the line beneath the recipient name. Avoid the use of abbreviations on a diploma to convince your friends that the document is real.


Step 7

Cut and paste the seal of the university from the school's website to your diploma template before printing. This seal needs to rest at the bottom of the diploma between the officiant signatures to make the document look legitimate.

Step 8

Search for a sample diploma from the school in question to determine the use of borders and special symbols on the document. Some universities place the school's mascot or a smaller version of the seal along the side for authentication purposes.


Store the template for your fake diploma as well as mock-ups for later use. It is a good idea to keep every draft of your fake diploma on your computer to avoid design problems with later reproductions. Failed hard copies allow you to look at color, font and signature problems.


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