How to Make 5 Gallons of Margaritas for a Party

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Things You'll Need

  • 7 liters tequila (6 cups per batch)

  • 3 liters triple sec (2.5 cups per batch)

  • 2.25 gallons of sour mix (7 cups per batch)

  • Large mixing bowl or container for mixing

  • 5 gallon-sized containers for storing

  • Refrigerator space for storing 5 gallons

  • Margarita salt

  • Ice

How to Make 5 Gallons of Margaritas for a Party. If you are planning to serve a large quantity of margaritas at an upcoming party, prepare the beverage ahead of time to keep the margaritas flowing and ensure you have a hassle-free evening. If you wait until the party to make the margaritas, you will spend your entire evening mixing and stirring instead of mixing and mingling. Make one batch (1 gallon) at a time to make it easier to combine ingredients and store the mixture. Each mixed container will yield about 21 margaritas (105 total).


Step 1

Mix one batch of ingredients together in a bowl or gallon-sized pitcher.

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Step 2

Repeat the mixing process four times with the remainder of the ingredients.

Step 3

Store the mixture in a pitcher or clean milk jug and refrigerate until time to serve.

Step 4

Use an attractive glass pitcher for serving. It will be easy to refill the pitcher with the stored mixture when needed.

Step 5

Serve the margaritas in 16 oz. glasses. For a casual or poolside party, plastic margarita glasses are available.

Step 6

Offer margarita salt and lime wedges to your guests for salting the glass rims.


This recipe is for serving 5 gallons of margaritas on the rocks. Consider renting a margarita machine to make 5 gallons of the frozen beverage. Margarita machines come with all the ingredients and instructions needed to mix, freeze and serve the drinks. Use five clean gallon-sized milk jugs to store and serve the mixed margaritas. Try crushed ice instead of cubed to make each drink smooth. Step up your serving style by using a glass pitcher and simply refilling it with the stored mixture when needed. Make one batch of margaritas without tequila and with orange juice instead of triple sec. This will give the designated drivers and minors a tasty beverage to enjoy as well. If you choose to prepare all 5 gallons at once, consider utilizing a brand new ice chest or cooler. Not only will there be ample space, but most coolers come with a handy drain spout that will make it easy to transfer your margarita mixture into smaller serving-size containers.


While it is possible to mix all the ingredients at once with a large enough container, it is easier to store and serve 105 margaritas one gallon at a time. Always keep the mixture covered when storing to keep it fresh.


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