How to Grill Salmon Fillets on a Gas Grill

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How to Grill Salmon Fillets on a Gas Grill. Salmon is a delicious fish that provides excellent nutritional value. Follow these basic tips for grilling your salmon fillets on a gas grill, then sit back and enjoy!

Step 1

Prepare the grill. Prior to heating, scrub the grill rack with a stiff wire brush. Rub the grill rack with a small amount of canola oil to prevent the salmon from sticking.


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Step 2

Preheat the grill. The grill is ready when you can hold your hand 4 inches above the grill for no more than 3 or 4 seconds.

Step 3

Season the flesh side of the salmon fillets with the dry mix of your choice. Keep the skin on to prevent the fish from breaking apart as it cooks. If desired, you may remove the skin after the salmon has cooked.


Step 4

Set both burners on a low setting. The dials should be just above the off position. The low heat setting will allow you to better monitor the cooking time to prevent overcooking.

Step 5

Place the salmon fillets on the preheated grill with the flesh side down. Close the lid. Do not open the lid again until you are ready to turn the fillets.


Step 6

Estimate the cooking time for your fillets according to thickness. Generally, a 1-inch fillet cooks for 8 minutes. Carefully flip the fillets halfway through the estimated time so that the skin side is down and the flesh side is up. Use a thin spatula. Brush the flesh side with melted butter to keep the fillets moist. Close the lid.


Step 7

Press the top of the fish with your finger to test to see if the fish is done. If it flakes or crumbles, it is done. You may also insert a thin metal skewer, similar to a cake tester, into the fish. Leave it there for 20 seconds. If the skewer is very hot to the touch when you remove it, the fish is done.


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