How to Make Candy Pacifiers for a Baby Shower Favor

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Things You'll Need

  • Lifesavers candies

  • White frosting or frosting to match the color of your Lifesavers

  • Jelly beans or other rounded, small candy

  • Wax paper

Baby showers are not complete without fun party favors. If you are looking for a simple way to add some character to your place settings or a fun decoration for your cake and desserts, a candy pacifier may be the answer. This pacifier consists of two Lifesaver candies and a jelly bean. It is held together with frosting.


Step 1

Spread a small amount of frosting in the center of a Lifesaver so that the frosting sticks out the top and the bottom of the candy.

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Step 2

Stick a second Lifesaver on one side of the frosted Lifesaver and the jelly bean on the other side. The second lifesaver should be on its side -- it acts as the handle part of the pacifier. The middle lifesaver must be flat so that the jelly bean and the second lifesaver fit into the middle hole.

Step 3

Hold your candy pacifier together for a minute to allow the frosting to set.

Step 4

Set down your candy pacifier gently on wax paper and allow the frosting to harden so it doesn't come apart easily.


Step 5

Use the baby pacifier favors as a decoration at each place setting or use them to outline a cake or as a cupcake topper. You can also include the edible pacifiers in your nut cups or to the side of your napkins. Place the pacifiers in small bowls in the middle of the tables or use them to form an outline around your centerpieces.


Don't use too much frosting or it will distract from your pacifier design. You want to use enough to make the candy stick together, but the frosting should be mostly hidden by the pieces of candy.


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