How to Make a Donald Duck Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Visor with adjustable strap

  • Red bow tie

  • White feathers

  • White face paint

  • Orange felt

  • Chalk or pencil

  • Scissors

  • Fabric glue

  • Black felt

  • Pair of sneakers

  • Velcro, optional

  • White sweatshirt

  • Polyfil

  • White feather duster

  • Masking tape

  • White turtle neck

  • White gloves

  • Orange sweatpants or leggings

  • Orange socks

  • Sailor's hat, blue

  • Sailor's coat, blue

How to Make a Donald Duck Costume. Donald Fauntleroy Duck first appeared on June 9, 1934. Disney fans liked the character so well that in the 1940s, Donald Duck appeared in more cartoons than Mickey Mouse. The lovable duck continues to be a favorite character and little kids and kids at heart enjoy dressing like Donald Duck for costume parties and Halloween.


Step 1

Make the bill. If you have an orange visor, skip to the end of this Step. Use a visor and trace the shape onto a piece of orange felt twice. Cut the bill shapes out and glue the felt onto the top side and underside of the visor. Cut two small circles from black felt and glue at the center of the top of the visor for nostrils.


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Step 2

Use orange felt to make the feet. Set your sneakers on top of the felt and trace. Add an inch margin around the patterns and cut them out. At the front end of your felt foot, cut three webbed toes. Fold each foot in half and cut so that when open you have an asterisk shape or circle. You can secure the duck foot with Velcro to your orange socks.


Step 3

Put polyfil inside the white sweatshirt and shape it into the waist. Slide the feather duster into the bottom of the sweatshirt so the feathers stick out. You can tape the handle of the feather duster to the sweatshirt. Tape the bottom and top of the sweatshirt shut using masking tape. Don't put any polyfil in the sleeves.


Step 4

Glue a few white feathers to the brim of the sailor's hat. Put on the white turtleneck, the orange bottoms, the sailor's coat, sailor's hat and bow tie. Use the arms of the sweatshirt to tie the sweatshirt around your waist so that the bulk sticks out under the coat. Slide your feet through the duck feet, put on your shoes and put the orange socks over your shoes.


Step 5

Paint your face white using face paint. Put the visor around your face so the bill sits just above your nose. You can adjust the fit with the visor's strap. Put the white gloves on. Talking like Donald Duck completes your costume.


You can use small staples to close the top and bottom of the sweatshirt.


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