How to Eat a Pomelo

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With the look of a grapefruit on steroids, a pomelo can be intimidating when you come across one in the store. But don't pass up this citrus fruit: the thick green or yellow rind encloses juicy, sweeter-than-grapefruit sections that taste like a slightly sour orange.


Peeling a Pomelo

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Before you can eat a pomelo, you must remove its thick, bitter rind. Start by sliding a knife about 1/4 inch through the rind and then prying off bits with your fingers. Continue pulling away the rind and the fluffy white pith by hand until you reach the fruit sections. Remove as much of the pith as you can -- it is chewy with a bitter flavor.

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Eating the Pomelo

You can eat the peeled fruit sections plain, or dice them for use in salads, smoothies, stir-fries and anywhere else you would use an orange or a grapefruit. You can eat pomelo sections with the tough membrane intact, or peel this clear sheet off the sections before you eat them. To peel the membrane, pinch it to create a small tear and then carefully remove it.



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