How to Play Pranks With Duct Tape

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How to Play Pranks With Duct Tape. Another April Fool's Day, and you're looking around for the perfect props to baffle your friends and family. Try a simple duct tape prank. These popular tricks can be done with just a little of your favorite brand of tape, plus a little creativity.


Step 1

Tape a door. Use tape to block off a doorway, or alternately, tape a clear item like Saran Wrap over the open space. When your subject opens the door and tries to walk through, they'll get stuck.

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Step 2

Disable a mouse. No, not the animal; a tiny piece of tape applied to the bottom of a mouse will effectively make it stop working, and your subject won't know why until they turn it over and look.


Step 3

Tape a doorbell. Just put a piece of tape over the button, and the doorbell will start on a continuous ring pattern until the homeowner comes down and turns it off. When he/she shows up, you won't want to be there!

Step 4

Duct tape a bike. Some pranksters in New York are choosing to target bikes locked up on the street for long periods of time. Wheels and handlebars get taped up. Another popular alternative is called "car-cooning" where pranksters wrap a vehicle in shrink-wrap and tape.


Step 5

Tape down groceries. Taping things to a table top can be hilarious as people fumble over trying to pick them up. One popular trick is to tape fast food containers to the hood of your car to turn heads in traffic.


Stay away from duct taping people. Although taping a sleeper's wrists together is a popular prank, the net abounds with stories of duct tape pranks gone terribly wrong. Duct tape on people, it seems, is generally not funny. Make sure your prank doesn't fall on the wrong side of what's funny and what's not.

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