How to Wear a Texas Tuxedo

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How to Wear a Texas Tuxedo. Texas Tuxedos are often worn to formal events, especially in rural areas of the country. The definition of a "Texas Tuxedo" is open to interpretation, but the clothes should always look new and are in good condition without holes or noticeable wear.

Step 1

Wear a traditional tuxedo or a Texas Tuxedo to a formal event if you live in Texas or a similar rural area heavily populated by ranches and cowboys. If you wear a Texas Tuxedo to a formal event in other areas of the country, you probably won't be frowned upon if you're dressed well, but you will probably be considered a bonafide cowboy.


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Step 2

Don some clean, pressed, new looking denim jeans, a Western shirt with pearl snaps, a bolo tie, a large belt buckle, shiny cowboy boots and a Stetson hat for formal occasions. Add a dark tuxedo jacket if it's very formal or an evening affair. You can alter this look by wearing a plain white shirt instead of a Western shirt.


Step 3

Modify the above outfit for a semiformal occasion. Wear clean, newish denim jeans, a denim or dark blazer, a western shirt with our without a bolo tie, cowboy boots that are in good condition and a ten gallon hat.

Step 4

Be in good physical condition if you want to look good in a Texas Tuxedo. Western clothes are traditionally tight fitting and if you're overweight, they may make you look like a clown.


Step 5

Learn to Western dance to take full advantage of wearing your Texas Tuxedo. Guys who know how to dance and wear Texas Tuxedos are usually chick magnets. The cowboy boots are perfect for line dancing and fancy footwork.


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