How to Dress Like Alice Cooper for Halloween

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Things You'll Need

  • Black and red face paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Shaving razor

  • Ripped jeans or leather pants

  • Straight jacket

  • Top hat

  • Tuxedo jacket with tails

  • Dog collar

  • Black leather gloves

  • Restraint straps

  • Thread

  • Sewing needle

  • Athletic groin cup

  • Spray paint

  • Long black wig

  • Scissors

  • Fake severed head

  • Noose

  • Stuffed toy snake

Alice Cooper was the forerunner to most of the major Goth bands today. His shows were known for their wild theatrics and drew from a mix of horror movies, Vaudeville and grungy garage rock. Widely famous and instantly recognizable, Alice is a celebrity among celebrities. If you're ready to make a big splash at your favorite Halloween bash, try the original King of Goth on for size.


Step 1

Paint your eyes. Alice wears trademark makeup when appearing onstage. Completely cover the upper and lower eyelids and surrounding area with black face paint. Form drippy eyes by dragging the paint down the center of your face, beneath the eyes. The effect looks similar to a leaking eye. Add matching leak marks above the eyes to change it to an evil clown effect.


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Step 2

Shave. Alice is always clean-shaven. Add drips to the sides of your mouth. Although his makeup is normally black, Alice appears to have blood dripping out of the sides of his mouth. Feel free to smear the makeup just a bit -- Alice commonly wears sweaty, runny makeup onstage.

Step 3

Find a good outfit. Alice wears a variety of stage costumes. You can get away with just about anything as long as it's snug. Ripped blue jeans, leather pants, blood-spattered straitjackets, top hats and tails are all fair game for Alice Cooper costumes. Throw in a dog collar and black leather gloves, and then sew on a few wicked-looking restraint straps to round out the outfit.


Step 4

Wear a codpiece. Alice Cooper wears a fancy cup over his nether regions. Spray paint a standard athletic cup black and wear it on the outside of your outfit. Blood spatters are optional.

Step 5

Get a black wig that falls past your shoulders. It must have bangs and stringy, uneven layers. Cut it if necessary to get just the right look.


Step 6

Add accessories. Carry a fake severed head. Wear a noose hanging from your neck. Alice was the original shock jock, so the more gruesome the better.

Step 7

Bare a boa. Alice uses a number of snakes on tour, and large boa constrictors are a crowd favorite. Drape a stuffed toy snake across your shoulders.


Instead of the ripped jeans and straight jacket look, a Lycra one-piece outfit would also work as the less obvious option.

Other horror-themed accessories that you could bring with you to a Halloween party include a fake meat cleaver, rubber spiders and a life-sized skeleton.



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