How to Make Yarn Pom Poms

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Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard, such as the back of a cereal box

  • Scissors

  • Marker

  • Yarn

Poms poms can be used in a variety of craft projects.

Pom poms are quick and easy to make, and can be used in a variety of craft and decorative projects. You may wish to top gift-wrapped presents with bright and cheery pom poms, string them along a strand of yarn to make a decorative garland, or glue them to the tops of twigs and place them in a mason jar for a colorful and unexpected bouquet.


While there are pom poms that you can buy ready-made, there is no need to spend your money, as creating your own is the perfect way to use up small bits of leftover yarn from other craft projects.

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How to Make Yarn Pom Poms

Step 1

Making pom poms only requires a few materials.

Yarn pom poms are simple to make using just cardboard, yarn, scissors and a marker. Please see the last slide for an itemized list of tools and materials.

Step 2

Trace and cut out the circles.

On your cardboard, trace four circles that are roughly 20% larger than your pom pom's intended diameter. For instance, if you would like a pom pom that has a 2 inch diameter, trace out circles that are roughly 2.5 inches in diameter. Cut out these circles.


Step 3

Cut out the inner circles.

In the middle of two of the circles, trace a smaller circle. The smaller circle should be roughly 3/4 the size of the larger circle.


Cut out those inner circles so that you have a doughnut shaped piece of cardboard.

Step 4

Stack the two rings.

Stack the two cardboard rings together.



Step 5

Cut 3 yards of yarn.

Cut about 3 yards of yarn. Fold the yarn in half and cut it at the halfway point, creating two separate strands of yarn that are the same length.


Step 6

Thread the yarn through the rings.

Thread the two strands of yarn through the center of the stacked rings and hold.


Step 7

Wind yarn evenly around the rings.

Begin winding the two strands of yarn around the cardboard rings.


Step 8

Wind until all of the yarn is gone.

Wind the yarn evenly around the rings until all of the yarn has been used.


Step 9

Hold firmly between the two cardboard circles.

Sandwich the yarn ring between the two extra cardboard circles and hold together firmly.

Step 10

Begin to cut around the edge

With the scissors, cut through the yarn around the edge by placing the blade between the two inner rings.

Step 11

Keep the yarn from falling loose

Continue holding the two outer rings tightly to prevent the cut yarn from coming loose and falling out of the rings.

Step 12

Cut a 6-inch strand of yarn.


Step 13

Thread between the rings and tie.

Thread the 6-inch strand of yarn between the two cardboard rings and tie a tight square knot.

Step 14

Remove from the cardboard rings

Remove the pom pom from the cardboard rings. If necessary, cut the rings to remove the pom pom.

Step 15

Cut long strands until even

Cut the uneven strands of yarn until they are all the same length.

Step 16

Fluff and you're done!

Fluff and shape your pom pom.


Winding two strands of yarn around the cardboard rings simultaneously is optional. This method lets you wind twice as fast and is used as a shortcut.


Be gentle when threading and tying the 6-inch strand of yarn between the two cardboard rings so that you do not accidentally pull out the loose strands of yarn.

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