How to Remove Glue From Scissors

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How to Remove Glue From Scissors. Sticky, icky glue can be a problem when it winds up where you don't want it. Sticky scissors don't cut or release well when glue leaves the scissors immobilized from their rightful job in life. There are several methods to remove glue depending on your glue catastrophe. Try each step individually until you find the best one for your glue blues.


Step 1

Place the scissors in warm soapy water. Use dish detergent evaporated in warm water. Soak the scissors for several minutes. Scrub the scissors with a non-abrasive sponge until the glue is gone.

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Step 2

Use a knife to remove glue. Be careful and don't let your hands get too close in case there is a slip. Pop the glue loose breaking its hold on the scissors. Different glues hold things together in different ways. Superglue will release if peeled or rolled and not pulled. Know your glue and remove it at its weakest point.


Step 3

Get out the ironing board. Start the iron. Place a dry towel over the affected glue area. Hold the scissors steady with a second towel and place the iron over the towel with the glue underneath. Remove the iron. Remove the towel laying over the scissors and pull away the glue. Use that second towel to protect your hands from the now-hot scissors.


Step 4

Remove glue with a cotton ball or cotton tip and acetone. Acetone is found in many fingernail polish removers and removes glues like superglue. Dab a generous amount on the scissors and rub the glue. It will melt away in no time.


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