How to Make Fake Fire

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Things You'll Need

  • A fan of the size needed to accommodate your fire

  • Orange, yellow, red or blue lighting

  • Housing material for the fan and lights (a can or box)

  • Aluminum foil

  • Plastic, cellophane or silk essence material for the flames

  • Logs or other props (optional)

How to Make Fake Fire. Fake fire can be a neat prop for many occasions whether it's Halloween, a theme party or an indoor campfire. Fake flames are a reusable solution and a worthwhile project. With just a fan, some lights and either plastic, cellophane or silk essence material you can have your fake flames up and running with no more preparation than a real fire.

Step 1

Get a fan to blow your flames and keep them flickering. Any size fan will do depending on how large you want the flames to be. The best type of fan is a computer fan from Radio Shack, but this fan doesn't have a lot of power and is only about 3 inches in diameter.

Step 2

Make a device to hold your fan. A coffee can works well, or you might have a specific spot where you want your fire to go. Wherever you want to put the fire, make sure the fan will be hidden.

Step 3

Construct a place to hold your lights. A string of lights works well because you can curl it up inside your can on top of the fan. You can also create a separate housing for the lights.

Step 4

Line the housing for your lights with aluminum foil, if possible, to reflect and increase the illumination.

Step 5

Create flames either by cutting flame shapes out of silk essence material or cellophane or by making triangular cuts in two small plastic trash bags and placing one inside the other. You can get cellophane in orange, red, and yellow if desired.

Step 6

Tape down your flames to the fan. Make sure that the flames are situated directly over the fan so that it blows them upwards in a flickering motion rather than blowing over them and flattening out your fire.

Step 7

If you want a campfire effect, add some logs around the fire and even play a soundtrack of crackling fire noises.

Step 8

Attach flames to any other scary decorations for a cool effect at Halloween. Flaming skulls, cauldrons or other scenery are all fun additions to Halloween decor.