How to Make a Dragon Hat

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Things You'll Need

  • Bowl just bigger than your child's head

  • Several sheets of newspaper

  • Water

  • Scissors

  • Paint

  • Paint brushes

  • Two small paper cups

  • Green, red and white construction paper

  • Glue stick

  • Double stick tape

How to Make a Dragon Hat. Rather than letting all of the old newspapers pile up and be sent to the recyclers, save a few for some rainy day projects. Make a paper mache dragon hat with newspaper and some other supplies you can find at home. This craft is one that you can help your child get started, and then turn him loose to create a fantastic dragon hat.


Step 1

Place the bowl upside down on a covered work surface. Wet one sheet of newspaper and smooth it over the bottom of the bowl. Wet and apply seven more sheets of paper. Let the hat dry overnight.

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Step 2

Use scissors to trim the edges of the hat into points. Leave the front of the hat untrimmed. Fold the tips into the inside of the hat.


Step 3

Make a dragon snout by rolling the brim of the hat to the outside and taping it to the front of the hat. Use double stick tape or make loops of tape so that it won't show.

Step 4

Paint the entire outside of the hat green. Let the hat dry for several hours before continuing.


Step 5

Make eyes for the dragon by cutting the top of two small paper cups into several tabs. Paint the cups green. Attach them to the hat with tape. Glue white circles to the bottom of the cups for eyeballs and draw black pupils in the middle of the cups.

Step 6

Make a tail by folding two pieces of newspaper into a long triangle. Paint and attach with tape. Add spikes to the tail by making triangles from construction paper. Attach to the tail with tape.

Step 7

Cut teeth and tongue from construction paper. Attach to the snout with tape.


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