How to Replace Eyes on Stuffed Animals

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How to Replace Eyes on Stuffed Animals. When your child's stuffed animal loses an eye, don't throw the toy away. Instead, replace the eye and the toy will be as good as new. Even if you have no sewing experiencing, replacing eyes on a stuffed animal is easy. Just follow the instructions below.


Step 1

Use the original eye, if possible. If it has been lost, visit a sewing or hobby store. These stores will have a large selection of button eyes--you'll need to find something that matches the remaining eye on the stuffed animal.

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Step 2

Choose a thread that will blend in with the color of the stuffed animal.

Step 3

Place the button eye in the appropriate spot on the stuffed animal's head. Using a needle and the appropriate thread, attach the eye to the head by stitching through the entire head of the animal. Pull the thread completely through to the back.

Step 4

Perform another stitch, this time going from the back of the head to the front. The needle should come out through one of the button's holes. Pull the thread through completely and repeat this stitch pattern until the eye is securely fastened.


Step 5

Tie off the thread by pulling it through the back of the head for one last stitch. Tie a knot in the excess thread; the knot should be very close to the stuffed animal's head so it isn't easily seen. Use a scissors to cut away any extra thread protruding from the knot.

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