How to Make a Sirius Black Costume

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Sirius Black, aka Padfoot, aka Snuffles, aka Harry Potter's godfather, is one of the more notorious characters from the Harry Potter series. He was once tall, handsome and built well with long, dark hair; he was loyal, brave, mischievous, witty, arrogant and talented. But after being wrongly imprisoned in Azkaban, undergoing years of mistreatment, and suffering from depression, he grew sunken-faced, matted and yellow-toothed; he turned reckless, explosive, immature and irresponsible. Eventually he leveled back out, finding a mixture of both worlds, both in appearance and personality, grasping onto to his pure soul. Whether for a Harry Potter themed party, Halloween celebration, or just to represent your die-hard enthusiasm, this tutorial will help give you the classic Sirius Black look.


Things You'll Need

  • Wig

  • Mustache (beard optional)

  • Aging makeup (optional)

  • Collared shirt

  • Vest

  • Blazer

  • Dark jeans or slacks

  • Black or brown boots

  • Temporary tattoos or body paint

  • Grey contacts (optional)

  • Pocket watch (optional)

  • Wand

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Step 1

Unless you've been cursed with Black's mangy, curly, flyaway short hair, you'll need a wig, either dark brown or lighter black, with a mustache with handlebars to match. If a more haggard look is the end-result, add a wiry beard as well. Due to Black's maltreatment in prison, he aged quickly; using aging makeup to create creases and hollowed eyes could help to achieve an overall more believable character. You can also pop in grey contacts, if needed, to more closely resemble Black's own. And the final touch is adding Black's tattoos. His most noticeable one is the rune in the center of his chest, but he has many across his whole torso and beyond. A simple google image search can help to sort out which to do and how to do them, either by purchasing pre-made temporary tattoos or using body paint to create them yourself.

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Step 2

Black is often seen wearing dark greens, purples, greys and blacks in a multitude of textiles and patterns. He seems to favor pinstripes and isn't opposed to donning velvet, usually in the vest or jacket. Scour thrift shops and discount stores for vintage and eclectic clothing, making sure to compile an ensemble including a collared shirt (unbuttoned to show off your dog-like chest hair and tats), vest, one-size too big blazer, dark jeans or heavy fabric slacks, and dark brown or black boots.


Step 3

Accessorizing as Black is relatively easy. As with every wizard, he is never without his wand. His is described as dark grey with a twisted pattern and runes etched into the handle, but ultimately, any stick-like prop will do. He's often seen toying with and utilizing a silver pocket watch.


If you can incorporate a dog-like bark of a laugh to represent Black's animagus form of a dog, you'll send the whole thing over the edge!