How to Celebrate New Year's Eve Alone

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You never see baby New Year with anyone else.
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Try not to feel anxious about being alone for New Year's Eve. Consider it an opportunity to pamper yourself, to try new things or to get outside of your comfort zone. There are plenty of ways to entertain yourself for New Year's Eve and feel just fine about celebrating alone.


Indulge Yourself

Bring in a new year by being good to yourself. Just because you are celebrating alone doesn't mean that you shouldn't send off the old year with some indulgences, whether it's a great meal, some Champagne or any other tradition you enjoy. Prepare yourself your favorite dinner -- perhaps a surf and turf or cheesy pasta dish? -- pop open some bubbly and celebrate everything you accomplished throughout the year. Have a long, hot bath, and then ring in the new year by listening to your favorite album or watching a favorite movie. Enjoy some valuable "me" time, which you well deserve.


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Go out on The Town

If you live near or in a metropolitan area, there are plenty of New Year's activities for singles or people going solo. If you live in a rural area, consider getting a hotel room and hitting the town in your closest city. Pick up your city's weekly entertainment magazine or search its website for single's night, dance parties or anything that interests you. Grab a nice dinner at a swanky hotel bar. One of the great things about life in the modern age is that, in major cities, there's always entertainment for singles, even on traditionally romantic date-night holidays. Find out what yours is offering.


Find a Date

Another perk of this era is that there are many ways to find a date using technology. If you want to spend the holiday with someone, find someone to spend the holiday with. Sign up for a free dating site or download an application to your phone that helps you meet other singles in your area. Be forthright that you are seeking someone to spend New Year's Eve with. Offer up an idea for a great New Year's Eve date, such as a cocktail party downtown or a cool band that is playing a show nearby. If it goes well, perhaps you will have a standing date for next New Year's as well.


Treat It Like a Regular Evening

When going it alone on a major holiday, you always have the option to not celebrate it. Try not to think about the day, and just go about your regular business of life. Major holidays are a great time to get things done when you're not busy celebrating them. There likely won't be any lines at the 24-hour grocery store. Catch up on a work, creative or personal project that you never seem to have enough time for. Consider the evening as a gift of free time to do anything you want to, without other people getting in the way of those plans. One of the perks of being by yourself is that it's perfectly acceptable to be selfish with your time.



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