How to Make a Hobbit Costume

Things You'll Need

  • Old dress pants

  • Scissors

  • Needle and thread

  • Suspenders

  • Button-up shirt

  • Vest

  • Large suit jacket

  • 2 yards gray, woven material

  • Decorative pin

How to Make a Hobbit Costume. Hobbit costumes consist of many parts but they are easy to put together. A Hobbit's costume includes brenches, suspenders, shirt, vest, coat and cloak. This costume is a fun to wear for anyone who likes The Lord of The Rings.

Step 1

Find a pair of old dress pants that are brown, black or gray. These pants must be made out of a woven fabric like wool or cotton. If you do not have a pair, try finding a pair at resale stores or thrift shops.

Step 2

Mark a line on the pants 2 inches below the knee.

Step 3

Cut the pants across the line on both legs.

Step 4

Hem the costume.

Step 5

Buy a pair of suspenders. If you can, go for an authentic Hobbit look and buy suspenders that attach with buttons. Sew buttons onto the pants for the suspenders.

Step 1

Buy or find an old white button-up dress shirt. Any cotton or polyester shirt is fine.

Step 2

Cut of the top half of the Hobbit shirt's collar. This leaves part of the collar sticking up.

Step 3

Hem the collar.

Step 4

Check at thrift and resale shops for vests to make your Hobbit costume. Look for warm colors like brown, green and yellow. Avoid vests with patterns.

Step 1

Find a large suit jacket that is long on you. The jacket's length must reach the middle of your thigh. Look for soft fabrics and warm colors.

Step 2

Hem the gray fabric around the edges.

Step 3

Wrap the fabric around your shoulders.

Step 4

Pin the fabric at the neck to hold it in place.


Hobbit feet and ears can be found at online or local costume stores.