How to Make a Homer Simpson Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Yellow temporary hair spray

  • Yellow and brown face paints

  • Pillow

  • White shirt

  • Safety pins

  • Blue pants

  • Brown lace up shoes

  • White paper

  • Red and black markers

  • Beverage can

  • Toy donut

  • String

How to Make a Homer Simpson Costume. If you're looking for a fun, comfortable costume for an upcoming event, then make it Homer Simpson. It's simple to put together and easy to move around in. If you don't find what you need lying around the house, you can generally find it in thrift shops or discount stores, so it's easy on the wallet too.


Step 1

Start at the top with Homer's head. Rather than buying a Homer Simpson mask just slick your hair back so it lays flat and spray it with yellow colored temporary hair color.

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Step 2

Apply brown face paint in a circle around your mouth and chin for the five o'clock shadow effect, and cover the rest of your face and neck with yellow face paint.

Step 3

Stuff a pillow inside a white short sleeved shirt and use safety pins to hold it in place. Homer Simpson has a big belly, so go for the full Santa effect.

Step 4

Find some light blue cotton trousers to wear and finish the main part of the costume with some brown lace-up shoes.


Step 5

Cut a piece of white construction paper to fit around a beverage can and use black and red markers to turn it into a Duff Beer label. Then tape it onto a can to carry with you. Homer Simpson loves Duff beer and would never go to a party without it.

Step 6

Insert a chain or string through a toy donut and wear around your neck. You can use a real donut with a hole in it, but it could be a bit messy. Then periodically quote Homer by saying "Donuts, is there anything they can't do?"


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