How to Dress for Diwali

Things You'll Need

  • Gold or silver jewelry

  • Henna paint

  • New clothes

Dress for Diwali

How to Dress for Diwali. An important part of the Hindu celebration of Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is to dress according to the various traditions. The festivities during Diwali are marked by vibrant colors, as well as the themes of light and illumination, so wear clothes that reflect the joy and excitement of this 5-day celebration.

Dress for Diwali

Step 1

Perform a ritual bath on the evening before Diwali begins and before you put on any new clothing. This should be followed by the anointing of oils and perfumes, and a puja, which is a specific prayer and meditation period observed by Hindus.

Step 2

Use the first day of the Diwali celebration, known as Dhan teras, to shop for all of your clothing. Spending all of Dhan teras shopping for supplies, such as fireworks, diyas (clay pots filled with oil that are lit like lamps), sweets and clothing is part of the Diwali tradition.

Step 3

Make sure that all of the clothing you wear on Diwali is new, which is also part of the tradition. This is to give thanks to Lakshmi Mata, the goddess of light and prosperity, for providing you with good fortune.

Step 4

Dress in clothes that are brightly colored and might be considered extravagant under ordinary circumstances. Diwali is a time to "dress for excess," and you should choose apparel that reflects the themes of light and illumination. Children should be dressed in colorful robes or dresses, as well.

Step 5

Add plenty of jewelry to your Diwali outfit. While gold and silver are preferable, you may include any costume jewelry that is brightly colored and contributes to the joy of the Festival of Lights.

Step 6

Decorate your hands, if you are a female, with henna paints or temporary henna tattoos. Traditions state that such body art is to be treated as a blessing that will light up the soul, which is consistent with the celebration of Diwali.


Take advantage of the melas (or traditional fairs) that may precede the Diwali celebrations, in order to get the best deal on clothes specifically designed for the occasion. Some areas may feature melas weeks in advance to allow everyone to prepare properly, as well as extravagantly, for the Festival of Lights. It is also tradition to use the melas to buy gifts of new clothes for your friends and loved ones.